The effectiveness of BHA

It has been established that the best results in the application of the hydroimpulse effect technology are achieved in wells located in oxidized zones of deposits or near high-productive wells, as well as in wells with carbonate and fractured reservoirs, where the filtration surfaces and bottomhole zone are clogged while drilling, developing or operating.

Suitable for selection of candidates are wells with heterogeneous in physical and capacitive properties reservoirs, where layered production of mobile oil reserves takes place, as well as residual oil reserves in the drainage interval.

The reservoirs with previously performed fracturing, which reduced the flow rate mainly due to collation of the bottomhole zone, are also suitable for this technology. The method of variable pressures, achieved by depression on the bed, gives a good effect in conditions of high-strength rocks and relatively high reservoir pressures, Intensive movement of fluid from the formation into the well facilitates the cleaning of the filter part of the formation from contamination (paraffin deposits, asphaltenes, etc.). When applied in unstable rocks, their destruction and formation of slugs in the bottomhole are possible.


Often the poor injectivity of injected wells is caused by low permeability of rock layers and a large number of clay interlayers, and it is not possible to completion bottomhole zone  with carrying out depression. To increase the injectivity of such injection wells, a repressive effect is produced, which makes it possible to clean the diameters of the filtration channels or to form a developed network of microcracks in the bottomhole zone.


Thanks to the constructive design of the BHA, it can be integrated with standard devices: packers, jet pump, etc. All this together makes it possible, depending on the task, to carry out the treatment of the bottomhole zone, to apply various acid compositions, to flush the fluid, to master the well for a single shut-down operation, which significantly reduces the repair time of the well and its subsequent withdrawal to the planned oil flow rate.

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