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Carrying out works to improve the oil production

Preliminary analysis


We provide preliminary analysis of wells condition, production logging, conducting FPC (formation plaster complex)  and other studies prior to the well treatment.


Selection of the most suitable wells and the forecast calculation of oil production rate growth.


Hydroimpulsive treatment

Recovery / increasing of  EOR


recovery/ increasing of intake capacity of well reservoir pressure maintenance
Additional work

Monitoring of wells operation

If customer needs:


- Complex studies after treatment (Removing inflow profile / well injectivity), pressure build-up / level build-up curve;


- applying technologies with different acids, depending on the geological and geophysical characteristics of the formation;


- well development with the jet pump directly on the BHA, without additional RIH/ROH operations

In the most industrially developed oil-field the decline of production in the later stages of their operation occurs because the low returns oil formation.


Almost all oil companies use the method of traditional hydraulic fracturing of formation for oil recovery.



Suggested technology of creating hydro-percussion effects by the implosion methods in productive formation is less expensive but effective. This method has now won recognition and theoretical foundation.


implemented projects


Engineers involved workers


Signed contracts


Years of experience

Implemented projects

Pilot industrial projects have been completed in several regions of Russia. Industrial application in the Volga region has been implemented. The technology is recommended for the implementation in the KMAD region

Environmentally friendly

Suggested technology doesn’t harm or have any negative influence on the staff or environment. 

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