Restoring well’s inflow, preparation of productive formation for hydraulic fracturing  treatment

What and how we do it…

The main efforts of R & D department staff are aimed at solving engineering problems associated with the creation of a reliable device that could operate over a range of depths of existing wells. Existing industrial designs successfully operate at depths up to 3150 m, with a maximum angle of curvature of the wellbore 22 °. It takes from 15 to 30 minutes for processing 1m thick layer and depends on the number of hydroimpulsive treatments.

Usually BHA works with well killing fluid. The increase in the inflow performed by using a set of different physical effects, which leads to purification of bottom-hole zone, an increase in the productivity rate, reduce skin factor. After the treatment is sufficient to lower the pump equipment and press the feed button!

However, in some cases, it is reasonably requires the use of different acids, because of the particular geological conditions. This complex influence has a positive effect on the inflows increase.

If the use of acid compositions is necessary, BHA includes an additional packer or (and) ejector on request.Further development of the well after the treatment is done without additional RIH/ROH.

For the well treatment (pumping equipment lifting, positioning a BHA to perforation range using collar locator) a WO team is required.